What Type of Fire Protection System Is Suitable for Your Business?

Fire protection system is not a one-size-fits-all. Every business industry has different demands, and therefore requires different solutions. It is important to know the hazards your establishment faces on a daily basis, so that you can fit the right fire alarm systems with the most suitable equipment for your safety needs.

Here are a few of the most common types of businesses in Singapore and the fire protection system we deem the most fitting for each of them.

Among the leading causes of fire in schools are the accidental ignition of chemicals in science rooms and playing with sources of heat. Setting up safety protocols in the school premise is the best way to boost the efficacy of your fire protection system. Make sure that all your staff and teachers are thought how to use fire extinguishers and are trained to guide students for emergency evacuation.

The following equipment is recommended and should be regularly maintained to ensure proper working condition at all times.

• Sprinkler System – to help reduce property damage
• Fire Alarms (with pull stations, strobe lights, sirens and smoke detectors) – to alert nearby occupants of the fire incident
• Emergency Exit Lights – to assist in orderly evacuation
• Fire Extinguishers – to give staff and teachers firefighting power
• Kitchen Fire Suppression System – to help suppress fire in cafeterias

Business Establishments
You may not be able to completely eradicate fire hazards, but you can improve safe working environment by protecting your building, assets and your people with a well-thought fire protection system in Singapore. According to reports, two of the most common causes of fire incidents in business establishments here in Singapore are cooking equipment and lighting equipment.

The most commonly used equipment for fire alarm systems in business environment are:

• Sprinkler System: to minimize damage to properties
• Fire Alarms: to alert everyone in the building of the emergency
• Fire Extinguishers: to put out small ignition before they turn into a fire
• Emergency Exit Lights: to help in orderly evacuation
• Kitchen Fire Suppression System: to suppress fire and smoke in the kitchen in case of emergency

Fire accidents in restaurants can cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage every year. Cooking fuels, open flames and high temperature are the most common causes of restaurant fires. It is critical not only to have efficient fire alarm systems, but also to teach all your staff on how to avoid fire. This includes wiping clean all cooking surfaces and wearing proper uniform such as rolling up sleeves, tucking in shirts and pulling the hair back.

The following fire equipment is necessary for your fire protection system.
• Kitchen Fire Suppression System – to suppress fire in case of emergency
• Kitchen Hood Suppression System – to assist in putting out stove fires
• Sprinkler System – for the entire dining area
• Fire Alarms – to alert everyone in the vicinity of the emergency
• Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers – for putting out fires that involves fat and cooking oil
• Emergency Exit Lights – for everyone’s easy evacuation